• These reusable wipes are a great alternative to disposable wipes. They're made from 100% bamboo and are gorgeously soft - perfect for your teeny's bum, face and hands. If you are using reusable nappies, why not use reusable wipes too?


    Parents who use reusable wipes often say they’d never go back; just one wipe does the job of a handful of disposables and they feel lovely. And because they’re reusable they’re kinder to your pocket and the planet. Just wash them with your nappies or the rest of your washing.


    Baba & Boo plain wipes are slightly different to their coloured wipes. Both are super-soft, and they're both made of bamboo. The plain wipes (18x18cm) are slightly smaller than the coloured wipes (19x18cm), and are a slightly thicker material, which some parents prefer.


    Sold in packs of five.

    Baba & Boo Reusable Bamboo Wipes - Plain (Pack of 5)

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