• These medium nappy bags will hold 4-5 cloth nappies, making them perfect for storing a day's worth of used nappies.  They're pretty handy for family trips to the pool or beach too.


    They have two compartments, giving you endless possibilities: damp wipes in one side with clean dry nappies in the other...clean nappies in one section with used kept separate...wet swimming gear alongside the things you want to keep dry... 


    Features include a handle so they can hang on doors or hooks and a zipper fastening. The bag size is 35 x 40cm.

    Baba & Boo Medium Double Zip Wet Bag (Various Prints)

    Baba & Boo Medium Nappy Bag
    • Made from the same fabric as our nappies.

      100% polyester with a polyurethane lining to give the bags a waterproof lining.

      Can be washed with your nappies or normal laundry on up to 60 degrees.

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