Hemp super-boosters will add extra absorbing power to your cloth nappies. 


Oh my. Anyone who thought charcoal boosters were the answer for their heavy wetter will love these hemp super-boosters.

We can never quite believe that something this slim can be quite so thirsty, making them an ideal choice for heavy wetters and night-time use.  And because they're made from hemp and organic cotton, we're loving their eco-credentials too.


Quicker to dry than bamboo (although slower than charcoal) these are also convenient if you're washing a mix of bamboo and hemp.

Baba & Boo Hemp Booster

  • Made from 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton.


    Wash up to 60 degrees.


    Tumble dry on low if necessary, but please line dry when you can.


    Pre-wash before use to create extra absorbency.


    It is normal for hemp to shrink slightly when you first wash it. Please don't worry, we have sized them to cope with a little shrinkage!

    Please don't use fabric conditioner on your nappies or inserts as it makes them less absorbent.

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