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Wiping Out Single Use - The Case For Reusable Wipes

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Caring for a baby can be a totally exhausting job and for a lot of parents, anything that will make it even a little bit easier is usually totally welcome. There's no question that disposable and pre-made items are helpful for convenience and a little extra sanity (not to mention less laundry). The downside? The impact these products have on the environment is significant, and while nappies might get the most attention, wet wipes are a huge environmental problem too. For many parents, disposable baby wipes are a nappy bag necessity. Not only are they helpful during nappy changes, they're also great for wiping sticky hands and faces, snotty noses, or many other inevitable kid ickiness.

Millions of wet wipes are sold in Britain each year and despite public awareness campaigns, many are still flushed down the loo where they end up clogging sewers, slowly breaking down into micro-plastics that are then ingested by marine life, with deadly consequences. Even those wet wipes disposed of correctly create problems – they spend years in landfill as they are not biodegradable.

And it’s not just the environment we should be worrying about. A number of scientific papers have linked chemicals in wet wipes with serious skin problems like dermatitis and eczema, most often on babies’ skin and also on their parents’ hands.

Reusable cloth wipes are the perfect alternative to disposable wet wipes. They really aren’t as much work as you might think and they can be used for EVERYTHING!

Reusable cloth wipes clean beautifully, contain no nasties and they actually remove the mess rather than smearing it around. One wipe and job done! Have them ready soaked so they are as convenient as wet wipes and keep in a wet bag, or just wet on the go. Either way, cloth wipes are gentle, effective, will save you money and most importantly, are kind to the planet.

If the idea of parting with disposable wipes full-time seems like a bit too much work, it's worth considering that any reduction in waste can make a big difference overall: maybe keep the baby wipes for your baby's night-time changes or for emergency clean up when you've left the house, but use reusable wipes for everything else.

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