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Travelling With Cloth Nappies

Taking your cloth nappies on holiday with you? Insanity? Maybe not.

Travelling with cloth isn’t for everyone. For some people, the freedom and ease of using disposables on holiday is definitely the right choice but perhaps you feel a pang of guilt about the extra landfill waste? Or you really don’t want to spend the extra money? Or maybe you just don’t like disposables?

If the thought of using cloth nappies while you’re away on holiday sends you racing out to the shops to stock up on disposables, read on to find out how to use cloth nappies while travelling.

1. Make sure you pack enough nappies It may sound obvious, but make sure you pack enough nappies so you don’t have to wash too often. Who wants to do laundry everyday while on holiday?! Work out on average how many nappies you use each day, and take about four days worth – that way you can wash every second day and still have plenty to use while the others are being washed and dried.

If you have limited luggage space, you’ll want to choose nappies that don’t take up too much space (for example All-in-Two nappies which allow you to reuse the covers and replace the inserts).

2. Think about storage

At home, you may use a bucket to store dirty nappies but on the road, you’re going to need wet bags! Wet bags are so handy to have when travelling, even if you aren’t using your cloth nappies, so remember to pack a couple. This will give you somewhere to store your nappies once they’re dirty and mean you don’t have to take up valuable space with a huge nappy bucket. They’re also great for carrying around wet or dirty clothes and swimwear. They’re all machine washable so you can just throw any used bags in with each load of nappies and wipes.

3. What about washing?

Find out what laundry facilities are available in advance. If you're staying somewhere that has a washing machine readily available, life will be quite straightforward! If you're staying in a hotel that offers a laundry service, find out how long this takes and pack accordingly. If washing facilities aren't available, you can always try hand-washing your nappies. If you do decide to give this a go, make sure you give them a good strip-wash when you get home.

If you’re only away for a long weekend, there may not be any need to do any washing at all; just throw your dirty nappies in a wet bag and wash them at home.

4. Other useful tips

Don’t forget about laundry detergent. If you have a preferred detergent that you want to bring with you, measure out how much you’ll need based on how many washes you’ll want to do. Of course, you can buy detergent while you’re away but be aware that if you prefer non-bio, this isn’t always easy to buy everywhere.

Take pegs and a clothes line - especially if you are camping or going to a festival. This is essential for getting them dry. A sock dryer is a great space-saving way to dry inserts.

5. Don’t feel bad for using some disposable nappies Don’t forget that it is your holiday - you're there to enjoy yourself, so if that means you need to use a few disposable nappies, don’t feel bad! Just like cloth nappying at home, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing, and every cloth nappy you use makes a difference.

Have you ever used cloth nappies on holiday? We'd love to hear your experiences of using cloth away from home.

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