Looking after cloth nappies is easier than you might think!

  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when it comes to washing your nappies. If your nappies are new, wash them several times before using them to build up their absorbency. You do not need to dry the nappies between washes.

  • After changing your teeny’s nappy, flush as much of the poo as you can down the toilet. Once baby's poo becomes more solid you might wish to use a liner to catch the poo. This will help to prevent stains and will keep baby's bum dry. Reusable liners can be rinsed and then washed. We would always discourage flushing disposable liners down the loo as they can take some time to break down & can cause blockages. Instead, they can be placed in the bin or composted.

  • Used nappies should be stored dry in a lidded bucket or wetbag. There is no need to soak them.

  • If your nappies have velcro laundry tabs be sure to fold them back to prevent damage to your nappies.

  • When you have enough nappies for a load (we suggest washing every 2 days), put them into the washing machine with a small amount of non-bio detergent. Enzymes in biological detergents will damage the natural fibres in your nappies.

  • Follow the fabric care labels on your nappies. Never boil wash as this will damage the elastic. Manufacturers usually recommend a 60°C wash but nappies can be washed most of the time at 40°C.

  • Don't use fabric softeners as they coat the material fibres and make them less absorbent.

  • Don't use stain removers on your nappies as they can damage the material fibres.

  • Line dry when you can as this will help remove stains and reduce your environmental impact. 

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